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Scripts Thread, Deleting User Profiles in Coding and Web Development; Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Pro Clients - Anyone know of a program / script that would allow us ...
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    Deleting User Profiles

    Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Pro Clients - Anyone know of a program / script that would allow us to reset and/or delete user profiles. Everytime we want to delete a user profile we have to find the users profile, take ownership of it and the delete it manually, then logon to a workstation, check that the user hasn't logged on to the PC before, if so, remove the user profile from within Documents and Setting, then logon as the user to recreate the profile and then logout before letting the user log back on to the network. A right pain in the ASS!

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    Re: Deleting User Profiles

    Use delprof.exe its in the 2003 resource kit from Microsoft.

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    Re: Deleting User Profiles

    Yeah I know that's why i use an RM CC3 network basically it's windows 2k with a very useful managment console overlay which allows you to clean user profiles at a click. I am experienced in 2003 vanilla (MCSE) but would recommend RM to any NM who is on his own with 300 workstations 50 laptops and 18 interactive whiteboards to name but a few as it helps in a big way to manage users computers and workstations at a glance. Had it for 5 years run XPSP2 clients with SR5 pack on servers and very few problems (everyone gets problems from time to time hehe)

    But i would concur with previous message to use delprof.exe if you have windows 2003.


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    Re: Deleting User Profiles


    It sounds to me like you need to sort out some system of managing your user profiles. There are several methods available (have a look at the WiKi entries relating to user profiles to get an idea of the possible options. I personally use Roaming Profiles for staff and Mandatory Profiles for students.

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    Re: Deleting User Profiles

    @Gordie: I tend to favour running delprof in a startup script so that the profiles are deleted when the machine starts. THis way you have less to delete if you are forced to do it at any point. Of course, there are reasons for you not doing this.

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