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Scripts Thread, MP3 Export/conversion script in Coding and Web Development; Hi Guys, Heres the situation: I manage the audio/visual systems at my Church. We record the sermons on Sundays and ...
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    MP3 Export/conversion script

    Hi Guys,

    Heres the situation: I manage the audio/visual systems at my Church. We record the sermons on Sundays and then people can buy a CD or download from the website. We used to do this using a CD recorder as part of our sound system, but this has just died (or depending on how you look at it ).

    We want to replace it with a bespoke digital recording system that I am designing. Its going to be a PC with a professional audio interface, running some sort of recording software (probably Audacity, or anther free/cheap package).

    The main problem we are encountering, is the time and number of steps it takes the sound operator to finalise the audio, convert it to mp3, burn it to CD, and then upload it to the website. I want to write a script that will pretty much do all that in one go.

    What it needs to do is:
    • Prompt user to input details (title, speaker, sermon series, date, etc)
    • Normalise the audio and set volume level
    • Create an MP3 with the relevent ID3 tags: title, artist (speaker), album: (sermon series), etc. and give it a relevent name (yyyy-mm-dd-speaker.mp3)
    • Copy MP3 to network server
    • Burn that MP3 as an audio CD
    • Create a low-bitrate MP3
    • Upload low-bitrate MP3 to website (this part I will have to liase with hosting company)

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    Good luck. I am not sayings its impossible, but I think its going to be difficult to find.

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    I think you may find this easier to do on linux. There are lots of command line utilities that will encode to mp3 and could then be run from a script.

    These might help

    The Linux MP3 & Ogg HOWTO : OGG & MP3 Encoders

    The Linux MP3-HOWTO

    Final stage is easy to script - simply rsync the file to the webserver at the end. (with shared ssh keys)

    Good luck.

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