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Scripts Thread, KiXtart in Coding and Web Development; I originally created all my scripts manually, and merged them into one big file using "IF InGroup" to determine which ...
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    Kix Logon Scripts

    I originally created all my scripts manually, and merged them into one big file using "IF InGroup" to determine which lines applied to which group of people. To map printers to particular rooms, I used something like:

    ; Set the workstation location based on name
    $location = SubStr(@wksta, 5, 2)
    Set "location=$location"
    If AddPrinterConnection ("\\CL2KSRV01\2E-Laser") = 0
    	? "Added printer connection to \\CL2KSRV01\2E-Laser."
    If AddPrinterConnection ("\\CL2KSRV01\3E-Laser") = 0
    	? "Added printer connection to \\CL2KSRV01\3E-Laser."
    ;	Case ($location = 3E)
    	Case ($location = Room3)
    		SetDefaultPrinter ("\\CL2KSRV01\3E-Laser")
    		? "Default printer is 3E"
    	Case ($location = Room2)
    		SetDefaultPrinter ("\\CL2KSRV01\2E-Laser")
    		? "Default printer is 2E"
    If you wanted to add just on eprinter in each room, simply move the addprinter statements into the select/case block, above default printer.


    You could download ScriptStart (Script Start - User Profiles Simplified) which gives you a nice web interface to work in. You just tick the boxes, fill in the printer names, set the rooms up in filters, and click the download button. COmmunity edition's free and the documentation is more than adequate to get a reasonable script up and running in about half an hour.

    Sorry to waffle :-P


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    Thanks to CyberNerd as the suggestions made in his post worked first time.

    ilisle: Iwill have a look at your suggestion also: Having a web interface with tick boxes does sound like it will simplify matters.

    However until I can start playing with that proper I have some other issues which Kixtarts scripts may be able to help me with:

    1. Staff MyDocuments. The home folders for staff and students in held on a Windows 2008 server and the policies for students are also held there. Student policies are all working as required. However policies for staff are set on a Windows 2003 server woking in compatibility mode [so in effect is is a Windows 200 server?] As a result I think that some of the policies I want to have applied for the staff are not being complied with. One of these is the default location of MyDocuments for staff. Currently when staff are working in, for example, an Office product and click 'Save' or 'Save As' the program defaults to C:\Program Files\...\Office 11\ as the save location [can't remember the full path because I am at home now] This is despite my best efforts. I would like to be able to force the save location to U:\

    2. Internet Proxy. I use two settings in school: For students I use our ISA server. For staff I would like to use our Grid proxy but still get the student settings. I am sure that I have read somewhere that Kixtart can help with this also but I can't find out any more.

    Is anyone using Kixtart to solve these problems or can any one point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveP View Post
    2. What the syntax is to comment in a Kixtart script. I have tried 'REM' and ';' at the start of the line I want to enter a helpful comment but this seems to crash my script.
    Any ideas?
    To comment out a block, and get a decent sized comment try something like this...

    /*your comment here*/

    Remember to include both the slashes AND the asterisks.

    Guess who's been reading the Kixtart support document and read that bit earlier?

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