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Scripts Thread, autogen iTALC globalconfig.xml script? in Coding and Web Development; We've switched one of our classrooms over to iTALC from NetSupport- about 18 WinXP SP3 clients with a XP master ...
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    autogen iTALC globalconfig.xml script?

    We've switched one of our classrooms over to iTALC from NetSupport- about 18 WinXP SP3 clients with a XP master and a Linux master (Ibex 64) and we're most impressed and would like to drop NS entirely. Netsupport don't offer a Linux master app. Problem with setting up iTALC is all the hassle of collecting ipconfig dumps from all the machines then copy/pasting their IP+MAC into iTALC or a hand-edited globalconfig.xml.

    I've got Beyondexec working with out computer labs now and hence I've already got group files containing the names of all the computers in the class rooms. I don't see why I shouldn't be able to turn such lists of network names into a fully configured (w/ MAC adresses) iTALC globalconfig.xml, which would go a long way in remedying its lack of client autodetect. Just thought I'd see if anyone has scripted this already before I attempt it myself?

    We still use static IPs at our school, but we'd like to move to DHCP. Problem with that of course is that we wouldn't be able to use iTALC if we did as it doesn't support DHCP far as I can tell. I think Toby has lost interest in developing iTALC in favour of (the admittedly much more exciting) LMMS- has anybody here looked into how hard it would be to add DHCP to iTALC?

    We've got 6 hard-wired classrooms each with 15 to 20 WinXP PCs- would this be any problem to manage on a 64-bit Intrepid master? Might our weedy 100Mb network be a stumbling block?

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    In order for us to resolve this problem, we had to switch our ADMIN network onto DHCP and our Curriculum network onto static IP. As far as I know, iTalc does not do DHCP as it will pick up the wrong ranges - even when you input the ranges. However if you do IPCONFIG on the machines that are on DHCP, the IP address they have will stay the same for aslong as it is on DHCP.


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