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Scripts Thread, Backup Perl Script in Coding and Web Development; Hi I am not very good with perl but have a backup script that runs on our near side backup ...
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    Backup Perl Script


    I am not very good with perl but have a backup script that runs on our near side backup server. everyday it manages to process the daily backup fine, but on a weekend it is supposed to run a weekly backup but just isnt running and hasnt run since december 2005. My predeccessor wrote it and was wondering if anyone who knows perl can look at it and tell why it doesnt process the weekly backups. i believe it has something to do with the weekly occurances. the number may need to be set to a smaller number.

    Could anyone suggest anything. thanks.

    the attached file is backup.pl but i have renamed it to a txt file.
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    Re: Backup Perl Script

    Hmm I missed this post as usual I dont know any perl but I can probably convert that to VB fairly easy as I get the general jist of it.

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