Afternoon all,

I'm wanting to edit ACL on some folders and subfolders/files, purely to add the user to the list with change permissions and ensure the domain admins group is also in there with full control. I assumed the code below would work but it won't. Username is the same as the folder name, problem I'm having as it simply won't run it from a batch file, goes off in a mood.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm fairly sure I did something similar last year without problems!

for /D %%i in (*) do ( subinacl /file %%i /grant=mydomain\%%i=C "/grant=mydomain\domain admins=f" /setowner=mydomain\%%i

subinacl /subdirectories %%i\* /grant=mydomain\%%i=f "/grant=mydomain\domain admins=f"/setowner=mydomain\%%i )