I'm working on a script to automaticly add a personal signature to each outgoing message from exchange 2007.

So with a transport rule you can add a 'Disclamer' on the bottom of a message with conditions on who its applied to.

I've got 150 users so would like to script it but im running into problems any help with the below would be helpful.

\\a list of names of all mail boxs
$names = get-mailbox | format-list -property name

$Condition = Get-TransportRulePredicate From

\\This failes saying name is read only
$Condition.name= \\some name from above list

$Action = Get-TransportRuleAction ApplyDisclaimer
$Action.Text = "Sample disclaimer text"
New-TransportRule -Name "Sample disclaimer" -Condition @($Condition) -Action @($Action)