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Scripts Thread, Call File and check in Coding and Web Development; Hi All, hope someone can turn my vision into life simply and quickly ! i want to point users to ...
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    Call File and check

    Hi All,

    hope someone can turn my vision into life simply and quickly !

    i want to point users to an rdp session which points to a group of VM's say for instance staffvm-01 going to staffvm-20 but how can i get this to happen...

    user1 sits at pc enters rdp session which points to say staffvm-01 logs in and starts working, user 2 sits down enters rdp session which also points to staffvm-01 can a script be run to see if someone is logged into vm1 and if so direct them to vm2 etc i.e. check to find the next available vm ? and log them into that one?

    hope this makes sense!

    many thanks in advance

    Ps i would envisage this type of workflow:

    if vm1 is logged in then call vm2 if vm2 logged in goto vm3 etc script needs to run every time someone attempts login.
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