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Scripts Thread, Elevated Command Prompt in Coding and Web Development; I am trying to run a .bat file that clears a log file on a windows 8 laptop each time ...
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    Elevated Command Prompt

    I am trying to run a .bat file that clears a log file on a windows 8 laptop each time the user logs on if I have UAC turned off it works fine but then the apps on the Metro screen don' work, but if UAC is turned back on then it wont run due to it not being an elevated cmd prompt.

    Is there a command line I can put at the start of the .bat file which will elevate the prompt so the remainder of the file can run ???

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    Can you not run the batch file as a scheduled task that is triggered at each logon on the laptop, that way you could have it run as an administrator or system and not need to sacrifice security.

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    If a domain laptop use gpp to remove the file.

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    Try running this as a scheduled task run with the highest privilege. I believe this should still work on Windows 8 as it does with Windows 7.

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