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Scripts Thread, Best script ever! in Coding and Web Development; So, I have hundreds of scripts, probably like most of you do too. Some are practical some are just for ...
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    Best script ever!

    So, I have hundreds of scripts, probably like most of you do too. Some are practical some are just for fun, some I made just for the challenge.

    What is your favorite script? It could be practical or it could be something that's just too cool/rad/whatever term is popular these days.

    To start with I'll post a fun script I made for my sister the other day. Her corporate office put out a memo that all of the Excel spreadsheets in the fiscal department needed to be in official corporate colors. I felt sorry for her and made a script that pulls up Excel files and changes the font color. I'm sorely tempted to use it here to change all of our spreadsheets on the file server to pink or something obnoxious.

    The second script I have actually used a couple of times. If you ever have to pull a printer off of the floor and replace it, this script can be run as a logon script that remaps the user to the new printer.

    That's a good start. I look forward to learning from you.
    Have a great day.
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