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Scripts Thread, Adding users... in Coding and Web Development; Heya, we've got an ancient old excel file that we use here that uses net use commands and the likes ...
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    Adding users...

    Heya, we've got an ancient old excel file that we use here that uses net use commands and the likes to add the users, I was wondering if anyone could help my lazy self out by pasting me their more upto date dsadd flavoured batch files rather than making me try and work it out myself.



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    Re: Adding users...

    Without any info on how your AD is setup, thats going to be abit tough. You might want to look at Technet, there are alot of sample scripts to add users to AD. Some will even add Mail accounts to Exchange.

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    Re: Adding users...

    Do a Google for CSVDE... an MS tool designed for turning CSV files into users, groups, any object you may wish to insert into AD.

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