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Scripts Thread, Scripting help in Coding and Web Development; I currently have been tasked to find a script to: 1. walk a system tree and find all .pst files ...
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    Scripting help

    I currently have been tasked to find a script to:
    1. walk a system tree and find all .pst files on a netwotk share..ie drive:\home\username\mail\*.pst
    2. Copy said files to a new location keeping the sytem tree in tack, but all directories empty except the target folder.
    3. Then set ownership of each pst to the username.
    Any thought would be greatly appreciated. I can do it manually, but 300 users would take some time.


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    I believe this should work

    ROBOCOPY "Source" "Destination" *.pst /E /sec

    Sorry cant check if works currently on iPad.
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    should be a one liner with bash

    find c:\home\username\mail\ "*.pst" -exec rsync -R {} c:\wherever ;\ -exec setfacl -R -m user:username:rwx c:\wherever\{} ;\
    not sure if the setfacl will work with cygwin as this is a unix to windows translation.
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