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Scripts Thread, Member Contributed Scripts/Programs in Coding and Web Development; Nasty File Search Find and delete all those pesky files in your home directories. This is an executable. Original concept ...
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    Member Contributed Scripts/Programs

    Nasty File Search
    Find and delete all those pesky files in your home directories. This is an executable. Original concept taken from a script contributed by Ric_

    Author: ICT NUT
    Download Here

    VB Scripts

    Bulk User Creation
    A HyperText application which allows bulk addition of user accounts to AD.

    Author: ChrisH

    Printer Management
    A script to add printers according to room location.

    Author: Ric_
    Download Here

    Logon Management
    Limit the amount of machines a user can log onto. Converted to VB from the original scripts written by Murat Yildirimoglu.

    Author: ChrisH
    Download Here

    Internet Control/Application Control
    A HTA to control access to Internet Explorer and various other apps like Media Player. This has been converted to VB with a HTA front end from a script originaly contributed by SirBendy

    Author: webman
    Download Here

    An alternative way to stop Internet access by making the proxy address on the machine resolve to the local machine. Basically another way to set a dummy proxy.
    This script was copied with permission from www.icttechnician.com

    Download Here

    'Self Service Password Reset Tool'
    This is a web based tool so users can reset their own password. There are to many features to list so see here
    for more details.

    Authors: Plexer
    Download Here
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