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School ICT Policies Thread, School Forum in School Administration; Hi All, not sure where to ask this question or if it has been asked before..... Our governors want us ...
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    School Forum

    Hi All, not sure where to ask this question or if it has been asked before.....

    Our governors want us to create a forum so students could post comments and provide a "Healthy Debate" on school policies a school life.

    Yes i know what your all gonna say, can of worms, horse bolting, etc....

    But although i have massive misgivings they want to go ahead.


    I was wondering if any other schools do this and how they monitor it... or if anyone has done this and ended up having to stop, or even schools with it successful.

    One thing they want to add to it is that the ICT Manager is responsible for it..... that being me, i am liable for anything as i recall a certain welsh international (say no more) trying to bring twitter to justice as they were responsible for what is posted on there site....

    Any advice would be grateful as i can see this going ahead no matter what i advise...

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    I would in no way accept that responsibility if they insist on going ahead with it over your protestations. If they're the ones who believe it will work, they can police it - you have said, based on professional experience and expertise, that you believe it is a bad idea and would take too much time to police. Forcing it on you then sets you up for an inevitable fall that you're unable to stop, because it will go wrong - unless you are sitting on it literally 24 hours a day, someone will post something when you go to bed, you will clean it up in the morning but someone will have already seen it and complained and you'll get hauled over the coals for it. Making it Your Fault when you've advised against it just seems horrifically unfair.

    Not that arguing with governors is much fun, mind :/

    Saying that, we've started using forums on our VLE for peer assessment fairly successfully... but then it's the individual teacher's job to patrol that, not mine.

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