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School ICT Policies Thread, YouTube strategy? in School Administration; Originally Posted by AngryTechnician We have recently deployed a Smoothwall filter, and this now allows the built-in Safety Mode of ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTechnician View Post

    We have recently deployed a Smoothwall filter, and this now allows the built-in Safety Mode of Youtube to be forced always-on (which is quite effective), and can strip out the comments sections.
    Does the comment removal work for you. I was speaking to support (Last week) and they said that it's not working as Google have changed bits that stop it. I am using G3..


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    Quote Originally Posted by salan View Post
    Unfortunately not
    I seem to recall the comment removal being in Guardian prior to G3 - although it was tagged as Beta it seemed to work. It's under Content Modification - Comments in G3 but I think it was somewhere different before - have a click around though, I'm sure it was there.

    And if you want to upgrade to G3, you just need to ask @tom_newton (or any of the other SW folk round here) to put you on the list - afaik they still do it on a request basis due to the scope of the upgrade, but it is well worthwhile.

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    Youtube is available for Staff should they wish to have access to it (change of proxy in policy setting) and it has recently been made available for certain Media students in Sixth Form. The students have signed a user policy to agree to the terms. All Sixth form students are only able to log onto one computer, so mates cant be logged on who dont have the access.

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    We allow youtube to our staff and sixth form students via our Smoothwall box too.

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    youtube have recently changed some stuff - i don't think this has broken comment removal though. Should be in G2 and G3, though its about 10000 times less CPU intensive in G3

    We have some new youtube functionality being added I hope to debut at BETT... of course it will be rolled out to all users with up-to-date licences as per usual - do remember, your licence renewals cover ALL updates including biggies like G3, so when you have a bit of time to upgrade, just ask to be sent the s/w if you haven't already done so.

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    as ever, a thread about Youtube strategy(?) follows the predictable path of do you enable/disable access for staff/students and how you might do this for particular filtering tools.

    Does any school that enables access to video resources such as YouTube actually obtain better results than those that don't? Are students more engaged? Do teachers plan their lessons better? Is access to these resources part of a wider strategy re e-learning or is access to YouTube enough to solve all educational content issues?

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