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School ICT Policies Thread, Photos of students on network.. in School Administration; Originally Posted by alan-d All photos of students and events are published to a photo album that we host on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan-d View Post
    All photos of students and events are published to a photo album that we host on a server using JAlbum. Only authorised users can view them and saving is disabled. Can't do anything about Print Screen but the image would be small or of a poor quality and in addition we can track where it was printed and who printed it
    If it does it how I think it will, there is even easier ways than that depending on what browser(/s) you use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dthebike View Post
    ...that we are breaking the law by having photos of students available for students to see.
    This part in particular is definitely BS. I'd be tempted to ask them to either provide the text of this imaginary law or find someone else to do it, and next time they want you do do something over the top they give you a reason that isn't made up.

    The more practical advice above stands. We also keep all our photos on staff-only drives, but not because there is any law saying we have to control access to them.

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    There is no law saying we cant allow people to see photos of students. Every school prospectus would be breaking it. We DO have to protect the identity of our students, so no names with pictures.

    To ensure that identities are protected and to protect staff from allegation, we choose to keep electronic images in a staff only shared area and never on personal drives on the network.

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    All of our parent/carers sign to say that they permit their child's photo to be stored internally, put in the newspaper or online. We have a list of the half dozen who have declined.

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    More madness. I think I want to leave the Earth and live on Mars.

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    Half the trouble is people making up "laws" as they go along...
    At the end of the day it is all down to one smart lawyers interpretation of a rule of law.

    The CPA doesn't seem to have any teeth, they consider each case individually if it contravenes the DPA problem solved there is a path to follow.
    Where it is clearly a case of child protection matters - far too many examples to state here, it seems to be do what ever needs to be done to avoid litigation and that's about it!
    Seems crazy that the CPA can advise a school not to allow a video shoot but couldn't prevent issues like Baby P and other atrocities!

    This was taken from the ICO website http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documen...in_schools.pdf
    As these guys now seem to have the power to prosecute and fine anyone with data to store I would direct all policy questions to the ICO and seek a definitive guide rather than pure speculation as this thread and many like it seem to thrive upon.
    This country has gone PC/CP mad and it's not safe to take a photo of anything that breathes!

    Most Head teachers I have spoken to don't have a clue what they can and can't do/say or host...

    We recently had to shoot two case studies for a leading hardware vendor, in school A no children were allowed in camera shot and everything was edited heavily to edit and obscure any child images.
    School B however had queues of young kids desperate to star in the video shoot, a quick Disclaimer form was sent home with all participants and the visor was shot without a hitch.

    Why such a disparity in policy between Heads?

    As Data Protection and Child Protection cross paths it's no wonder Network Managers are confused as to what is permissible or not.

    As I see it the ICO is the only source of guidance because the CPA simply doesn't seem to have this under any definitive control.

    But just to throw petrol on the fire, what about the teacher that decided to store his holiday DVDs on the school network, these included topless videos of his lady wife and naked photos of his children playing in a paddling pool somewhere in Greece!

    This came to light when all of a sudden storage issues and backup became a problem at his school.
    Should I have gone the the head and destroy his career?
    No - we deleted all of the material and had words off the record.
    The law is an ASS!

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