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    Copyright Licenses

    I know that a lot of you will struggle with teachers in the same way I do - they don't bl##dy listen and they do whatever they want to because "it's in the interests of the kids". All well and good until we get slapped with a massive fine for copyright infringement, not much help to them then, is it?

    Anywho, waffling aside, whilst I've been rewriting our AUP I've been looking for info on the licenses we need to cover our use of copyrighted materials on site, and the legal chap at our LEA has just forwarded the attached document on which lists all the relevant licenses that a school should need to cover its use. Seeing as Edugeek has been so helpful to me when I've asked before, thought I'd give something back without being asked for once!

    Hope this helps someone trying to find out whether their teachers can play films for the kiddywinkles at the end of next week. Obviously you will need to check with your own LEA which licenses you are already covered by, otherwise you will have to take out a license agreement for yourself - for reference, Lincolnshire cover the CLA, ERA (ERA+ from next month), PRS and PPL, and we have had to take out our own PVSL license at just shy of £200.
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