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School ICT Policies Thread, Head of ICT Access Rights in School Administration; Originally Posted by EeEk We have an ICT coordinator and a few other staff members who are away with the ...
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    Re: Head of ICT Access Rights

    Quote Originally Posted by EeEk
    We have an ICT coordinator and a few other staff members who are away with the idea they have admin rights....so little do they know

    They are all Teachers with a different desktop pic Keeps them happy though and none of them has worked it out!!!
    T|N>K ....



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    Re: Head of ICT Access Rights

    @Network Geezer,
    Fair enough, here the kids still hand work in somehow - paper, moodle or a drop-box folder for the teacher.

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    Re: Head of ICT Access Rights

    As soon as I was able I prevented the head of ICT access to anything other than their work and neccessary folders. This was helped by the previous HOD leaving and so it was relatively easy to enforce a new policy.
    In the strictest sense the head of ICT is just like any other staff member and should have restricted user rights particularly in respect of other staff members folders you could cite the DPA as an example of why they should have special privs. If you find the pressure and influence of management excessive and the staffmember in question has not enough real understanding of networks and systems you should probally explain to your headteacher the possible consequences of your hod having domain admin privs (system downtime as a result of fiddling, really lay it on) but particularly how the hod in question will have access to all folders including his and managements. This should suitably frighten the headteacher into re-assessing the situation.

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