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School ICT Policies Thread, VNC Policy for technicians in School Administration; Originally Posted by aptproductions I've not used VNC for a while, but last time I did (it was the Ultra ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by aptproductions View Post
    I've not used VNC for a while, but last time I did (it was the Ultra flavour) there was an option to tie it into the MS Logon Credentials, so if you are using VNC then this is probably the best option as then when your password changes so does the one for VNC and I'm pretty sure you can lock this down to Admins only too.

    Though this thread has raised a question for me now and I'll be looking into what protection there is for the NetSupport / iTalc implementations I have at schools. As has been said, why would I want to look at staff files unless they have asked me to or I have been directed to by SMT, but it's better to protect ones self too one thinks.

    You can set a connection password on Netsupport but I don't think it demands it by default, we don't bother on student workstations as the tutor is banned for non authorised users. We use Dameware for supporting staff PC's as this uses Windows authentication.

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    I use gencontrol here, same as VNC. As am admin we all have access to everything, we have to to be able to do our jobs. As alreddy said it's a trust thing. It's still an offecnce under the computer missuse act for an admin to gain unauthroised access to files/data.

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