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School ICT Policies Thread, Please read my draft AUP and comment :D in School Administration; ...
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    Please read my draft AUP and comment :D

    Dear Parent,

    As you are probably aware, our School has fantastic ICT facilities. We work together with pupils on the understanding that ICT can enhance and improve everyone’s work and experience in all subjects and during extra-curricular time.

    To maintain an efficient network, it is vitally important that all pupils understand the ways in which they should act responsibly when using ICT equipment and know the sorts of actions which are not acceptable. As a result, we are introducing an ICT contact which all pupils must read and sign.

    Please can you read and discuss the terms of the contract with your son/daughter, ensuring that they understand each point. Parental and pupil signatures are required and the contract (in full) should be returned to your child’s tutor.

    Regular spot checks will be introduced to ensure that pupils comply with their obligations. There will be consequences for pupils who breach the ICT contract.

    Terms of the ICT contRact

    Making sure that user areas are secure

    1. I shall choose a password which cannot be easily guessed by any other person.
    2. I shall change my password on a half-termly basis as a precaution
    3. I shall never tell anyone my password
    4. If I suspect somebody knows my password, I will change it
    5. I shall lock my workstation whenever I leave my desk even to collect print-outs
    6. I shall log off whenever I leave the room
    7. If I find a computer that is logged on and abandoned, I shall tell a member of staff.
    8. I shall never try to discover another persons password
    9. I shall never use another persons log on details
    10. If I become aware of someone’s password, I shall tell that person and advise them to change it. I will not tell anyone else.

    Using ICT Rooms outside of lessons

    11. I shall enter ICT rooms only when a member of staff has given me permission
    12. I shall print only if necessary and print preview first.
    13. I shall tuck in my chair, remove litter, return borrowed equipment and take print outs before leaving the room
    14. I shall never eat or drink in ICT rooms. This also applies to tutor bases that are ICT rooms.

    Purposeful Use of ICT Equipment

    15. In lessons, I shall only use ICT for the task set by teacher
    16. Out of lessons I shall use ICT equipment for the following only:
    • Coursework
    • Homework
    • Classwork
    • School based activity such as competition/house website
    • Improving ICT skills (e.g. learning to use macromedia flash)
    • ICT Club

    17. I shall never play games, download movies or music, use chat rooms or listen to music online.
    18. I shall not use Email to communicate in a way that may offend, embarrass or upset others.

    Avoiding inappropriate material

    Inappropriate materials are those which are racist, sexist, contain nudity, pornography, information or images of weapons or violence. If you are unsure if something is appropriate for school, ask a teacher.

    19. I will not look for any information or images which may have content unsuitable for a school environment.
    20. If I accidentally come across something inappropriate, I shall immediately close the window. I will not ask anyone else to view it. If I feel it is necessary, I will quietly inform a member of staff.
    21. If somebody sends me something inappropriate, I shall inform a teacher but NOT pass on to anyone.

    Being part of the network community

    22. I shall make sure that I delete old or unnecessary files.
    23. If I hear rumour of any insecurities in the network or discover any issues myself, I shall inform a member of the technical team or ICT staff immediately without investigating myself or discussing with any other pupil.
    24. I will respect the integrity of the network system. I will enter authorized systems only and will not attempt to circumvent or subvert system security measures. I will not tamper, copy or alter the system in such a way that would disrupt the operation of specific computers or the network as a whole.

    I, …………………….., understand all of the above terms of contract and agree to comply with all points.

    Signed (pupil)……………………. Tutor Group……… Date………………….

    I, parent of …………………………, have read through the contract with my child and ensured that they understand each point.

    Signed (parent)……………………. Date………………..

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    There are a few typos - presumably that is OK?
    I'm not sure that you should use the word 'obligation' - better to just stick to complying with the contract they have signed?
    You state at the beginning that pupils will sign the contract - line 6 - but in line 8 you go on to say that pupils AND parents need to sign it. I suggest you miss out the words 'which pupils must read and sign' in line 6.
    Parents are told to return the contract - would it be a good idea either to give them a copy OR tell them that it is available on the website?
    Apart from that...
    I think that numbers 8,9 and 10 should be higher up, directly below 1,2,3 and 4.
    7: is it worth telling them to lock an abandoned workstation so that noone can use it whilst a student fetches a teacher to sort it out?
    14 says no eating and drinking - what about keeping water bottles away from the equipment even if not used? We make our children put the bottles on the windowsill away from the kit and put their books etc on the floor to avoid pulling cables etc

    17 states that they will NEVER play games: teachers often give permission to play particular games, don't they? Perhaps it needs 'without express permission of the teacher'
    You need to check what inappropriate means in this context - you need to either state every case (you missed out homophobic at least) or say something like as defined by the school's policies
    22: Should they ask the teacher which ones to delete? I just wonder if they might delete say , a piece of coursework from the previous term which the teacher was going to look through or something?
    That's all I can think of at the moment
    Hope it helps!!

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    hmm, "• Improving ICT skills (e.g. learning to use macromedia flash)" Short for playing games

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    We have placed on the bottom of ours the types of breach and the level of punishment for the kids. It appears to help a lot because then staff and students know what the procedure is and who the event must be passed to.

    Just an idea.


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    You will need to put something in there about the fact that all internet use is logged. Under the terms of the Data Protection and RIPA act, folk have to be told that their internet use is being monitored and that those logs can be supplied to authorities looking into allegations. We have had a RIPA request served to us by West Yorkshire Police recently to provide the logs for one of the libraries that we provide ISP services for. Those logs we obviously provided, but where a teacher or pupil has allegedly looked at something dodgy and a request has come through for the logs, we have had to say no a few times in the past because the AUP does not state that Internet use is being logged as per guidelines from BECTA.

    Hope that helps.


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