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School ICT Policies Thread, The Communications Data Bill comes into force in March in School Administration; Originally Posted by GrumbleDook The area of concern is if you have a non-RBC/LA connection (eg Virgin / BT / ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post
    The area of concern is if you have a non-RBC/LA connection (eg Virgin / BT / Pipex / etc) ... It does apply there and you should be contacting your provider immediately to obtained full details as to how they will be complying to the law with relation to your connection.
    My emphasis - does this mean that with our ntl Business lines, the onus is on ntl to perform the required monitoring?

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    The provider of the public network (is the service provider) is responsible. There is no 'onus' as that implies it can be negotiated who does what. In your case NTL *have* to do it unless they have a legal directive otherwise. If that is the response you get then you would need to get it checked out by your LA legal team.

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    So, ISPs will be forced to hold on to our data for a year, with or without our consent.

    Meanwhile websites will have to get express consent before doing something as simple as dropping an identity cookie onto your computer.

    Please kill this cookie monster to save Europe's websites | OUT-LAW.COM

    Do the people who make these laws actually bother speaking to each other at all, or do they just roll dice to decide which way to go?

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