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School ICT Policies Thread, Changes to UK Computer Crime Laws in School Administration; Some changes to the UK Computer Crime laws comes into effect on the 1st of October. The Register has the ...
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    Changes to UK Computer Crime Laws

    Some changes to the UK Computer Crime laws comes into effect on the 1st of October. The Register has the details:

    UK cybercrime overhaul finally comes into effect ? The Register

    But basically:

    • The maximum penalty for "unauthorised access to a computer system" has been raised from six months to two years in prison.
    • Denial of service attacks are now clearly criminal, with a maximum penalty of up to ten years behind bars.
    • The amended act makes it an offence to distribute hacking tools for criminal purposes.

    Spyblog has a more indepth analysis:

    Computer Misuse Act amendments come into force on 1st October 2008 - Spy Blog - SpyBlog.org.uk

    A colour coded diff can be viewed here:

    Computer Misuse Act 1990 (c. 18) - consolidated version

    Review and update your School Computer Usage Policies as appropriate.

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