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School ICT Policies Thread, School's responsibilities for storing data in School Administration; I wonder if anyone can point me to a document or web page that states specifically what a school's respoinsibilities ...
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    School's responsibilities for storing data

    I wonder if anyone can point me to a document or web page that states specifically what a school's respoinsibilities are for storing data? Theres plenty about keeping stored data safe, but I need whatever guidance or requirements is available about what should be stored and for how long, etc.

    Basically I'm writing a development plan and need something to back me up about instituting new backup proceedures that may involve a cost...


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    There are some areas (eg financial regulations) where there are exact numbers laid down by law. In almost everything else there is nothing but weasel words like "reasonable"

    For example, you might want to keep details of pupils external exam results for ever - it's reasonable that they might come back to you 10 years after they left school because an employer wants proof that they did get the GCSEs they claimed.

    It's probably not reasonable to keep other personal data for very long after a pupil leaves the school.

    I'd guess what you want to do is start a discussion with the groups of people who manage data in your school about how they use that data and what sort of length of time they use it for.

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    It would also be worth contacting the LA to check what policies they have... unless you're in an independent

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