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School ICT Policies Thread, Persuade SMT, Govenors to build a server room in School Administration; get a shotgun and shoot the crap out of it.. proves a point... sort off...
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    get a shotgun and shoot the crap out of it.. proves a point... sort off

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    I have the same issue but less muscle as my servers are only curriculum, not SIMS or any data like that. I have argued for at least them being in a lockable room but not got very far.
    I think I might do something drastic soon!

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    I feel your pain.
    I have been campaigning for ages, whislt our servers are in locked cabinets (Dell's own) they are in a computer room and the power sockets are massively exposed. Luckilly no-one has decided to switch them off! Perhaps I should to prove a point.

    I had a full document quoting the DPA, all my arguments etc etc and I get a "why are you bringing me this" kind of response. I would suggest painiting the worst scenario you can. Explain just how bad it will be and what effect it will have. Try and scare the life out of them.

    Luckilly I have the Bursar on side! There is an office coming availalbe soon and as I realsed through cunning use of fibre optic I don't need to have the servers within 100M of my central switch I've got my eye on it!

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