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School ICT Policies Thread, H&S Thing... in School Administration; For information: I have just looked up the Forced Logoff path in Group Policies: Group Policies: Computer Settings > Windows ...
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    For information:
    I have just looked up the Forced Logoff path in Group Policies:

    Group Policies:
    Computer Settings > Windows settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options
    Enable " Network: Force logoff when logon hours expire"

    Obviously this only applies to logons where you have set Logon Hours in AD (fortunately you can do this by selecting all the users in an OU in one go!) Logon Hours in AD only controls when a user can logon, it doesn't force them off outside those hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    So fires are ok in the daytime, just not at night?
    Sort of. Fires during the day are usually spotted quite quickly, however night-time ones can burn for much longer before anyone notices, therefore cause much more damage.

    Of course, that is made somewhat redundant by the current fire regulations which state you must have detection as well as alert systems...

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    We use a simple utility called pwr0ff30 that creates a system service to auto shutdown at a specified time...


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    PC fire risk

    I've just read this thread with interest and I see there may be a risk here.
    To assess the risk I'd be interested to know if anyone has any info on the frequency of PC fires.
    Personally I've never experienced any serious electrical fault in any computer equipment, nor have I heard of anything like this from colleagues (and I've been involved with computers in schools since pre-380Z days.) I have heard of laptop batteries overheating (and maybe catching fire?), but this is only through the press, so I wonder whether it is true or accurate.

    If it turns out (as I would suspect) that none of the millions ( maybe billions by now?) of PC's around the world has ever caused a fire, then perhaps one would be justified in regarding this putative hazard as an insignificant risk.

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