I've been reading through lots of things regarding copyright and ERA, DRM, Online Storage, Offsite Storage etc. as i'm looking to offer staff some guidence on what is possible and what isn't under law at present. On occasions I feel i'm being asked to commit criminal acts by unsuspecting members of staff which i'm quite rightly refusing. Though until recently I didn't know about the ERA licence which does help with quite a lot of stuff.

This is my quick broad understanding..... (And feel free to correct as it all looks like a right mess to me.)

1. Use of Full british free to air tv broadcasts is permitted under ERA licence as long as you have one. As well as storage on a network device with the correct labelling at the front of the recording. As long as everything happens on the same site. (You can't access the files offsite on a VLE from home for example)

2. As long as you have correct licence you can watch original copies of bought DVD's and Videos on one site. The copying of these in entirety is forbidden without the copyright owners permission.

3. With correct licencing you can play music, watch films, worship as long as it's for educational purposes etc.

4. No mention is made anywhere with regard to foreign language TV for languages teaching. Would law's in France be appropriate? But then again were not in france so it's law doesn't apply? But then again someone will own the copyright and British distribution rights? I presume it's the same as DVD's unless you can get their permission you can't.

I can't see any mention of the uses of short clips from off air recordings (As long as we didn't redit them or split soundtrack) or dvd's to explained at any point. Does anyone have anything that would be relevant. The copyrightlawlearn.pdf from jisclegal seems to suggest a fair dealing defence may be appropriate for extracts of DVD's and Videos.

"The CDPA provides for ‘fair dealing’ defences, which allow individuals to make single copy extracts from various media, including digital format, for research or private study"

Is a short clip copied from Pride and Predjudice (with appropriate labelling, where it's from and that it's for educational use only) by a history teacher to explain a point and attached to schools internal network going to raise any eyebrows?

I'm in agreement with previous posters that some sort of section with regard to licencing / video / copying would be great if sysops could manage it.