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School ICT Policies Thread, School images being placed on BEBO etc in School Administration; Originally Posted by Anti >But usually the author is anonymous and the webhosts like Bebo are very unresponsive. I have ...
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    Re: School images being placed on BEBO etc

    Quote Originally Posted by Anti
    >But usually the author is anonymous and the webhosts like Bebo are very unresponsive.
    I have to say BeBo where very good when certain techie was impersonated on BEBO sent email and it was removed.

    I am more just annoyed they thought I was 10 years older..

    Main thing we had issue with was person who created the bebo account was sending messages to other students saying they where me (nothing nasty). But this of course could have has serious implications..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric_ View Post
    I don't know if the word 'illegal' is the correct one but I was under the impression that you could not publish an image of someone without their consent.
    A picture release is required if you are on a commercial shoot for some type of publication. Typically in the form of a written contract.

    Anybody can take pictures of anybody else from a public place, voyeurism and invasion of privacy being separate issues from the act of taking the picture itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grommit View Post
    Anyone that is caught taking pictures is detained by Non Classroom Based Teaching Assistants and their cameras or phones purged...

    Anyone taking pictures from off of the site are detained until the Police are called.

    End Of.... :-)
    What do you mean 'purged'? You have the right to confiscate the cameras (from pupils only, not anyone else) but you do not have the right to do anything other than lock them somewhere. The data on the card belongs to that person, not the school and accessing it could be classed as a breach of the Computer Misuse Act, as most mobile phones are now computers. It would also be a breach of the Data Protection Act, as you do not have permission to use that data etc...

    Also, if people off-site are taking photos, under what law are you detaining them? This would be a significant breach of the person's rights to a) freedom of expression and b) freedom of movement, and could land the school in significant trouble.

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    A couple of my schools are in long recognised areas where there's a lot of fostering so we we have quite a few children where the use of a camera on site has to be VERY carefully regulated.

    There's no policy in place as far as I know for children using cameras but parents and staff are advised that they cannot share or otherwise publish photos of anyone other than their own children.

    In this instance the safety of the children is paramount and whilst it might be trampling on someones civil rights I'd like to think that stopping homicidal parent from getting hold of Junior, trumps "oooh look at this nice snap of X", any day.

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