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Recommended Suppliers Thread, Any one used a company called Mikesoft? in Purchasing and Trading; We had a quote of them as well before the end of the last term which was our second quote ...
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    We had a quote of them as well before the end of the last term which was our second quote two years running, but everythime Stone Computers beat them. Our rep at Stone was very competitive and matched or beat them both years. Even the All-in-One solution Stone offered which includes a seperate unit that the base unit and the monitor fit and then all bolts to the desk was still competitive compared to Mikesoft.

    Stone also give a 5yr onsite as well and we've called them out and also replaced silly things like keyboards under the warranty.

    If anyone wants our rep's detaisl let me know.

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    My Father used to own a local computer business many years ago, and shared some offices with Mikesoft before they moved to Burntwood.

    It was actually founded by a guy called Mike so I guess using Mikesoft as a name was a bit of a no-brainer although I believe he's no longer involved due to ill health.

    I've heard good things about them from my own customers who have used them, but whether they're competetive I don't know.

    They've been around for years though and loads of other companys have sprang up then dissappeared again.
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    Thumbs up Mikesoft = Millennium

    Mikesoft started ringing me around 2yrs ago and like a lot of people I thought they were probably cowboys using the fact that we all reacted to 'Microsoft' on the phone. However, once, I actually listened to what they had to say and let them send some quotes to 'keep them quite'
    To keep it short, I haven't actually used them for their made up PC's but have purchased Smartboards with installation, digital cameras, video cameras, numerous laptops, network cabling etc etc with no problems whatsoever.
    Yes, they can be a bit of a pain with calling but after all it's their business and I find if I say don't ring me for a period of time they stick to it, just spel it out and they respect that.
    Prices have always been competitive so our school will continue to use them until proved otherwise.

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