Clearswift Secure Email and Web Gateway solution provides a platform that is a content-inspection engine coupled with an advanced flexible policy and reporting system that ensures secure web and email gateways. Flexible reporting supports policy development, meaning access to essential online tools and services can be preserved and managed, preventing data leaks and mitigating regulatory and reputational risks.

The Clearswift Web and Email Solutions can be deployed in under an hour with the easy-to-use guide. Deployment options include physical appliances, ISO images for customers own compatible hardware and Virtualised appliances.

Net-Ctrl is now able to offer personal webinars with a Clearswift specialist, where they will go through the Web and Email Gateway solutions, tailored to your requirements and answer any questions you may have. We also have some great offers available including BUY WEB GET EMAIL FREE, or 20% OFF YOUR RENEWAL COST. With the summer holidays upon us, this is an ideal time to hear about some new solutions for your infrastructure.

If you would be interested in hearing about this great solution, send a message stating a suitable time and date, then let Net-Ctrl do the rest.