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Recommended Suppliers Thread, Cameras in Purchasing and Trading; We are currently looking to augment our existing Sony FD Mavica camera with a newer more up to date model ...
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    We are currently looking to augment our existing Sony FD Mavica camera with a newer more up to date model - the Sony has been ideal as it's chunky, fairly user proof and produces the results even though it's only 2 mega pixels and saves to a floppy. The only critique I’d offer on the Sony is the fact it’s a dual mode – still and soundless movie; there have been a number of occasions where a teacher has mistakenly taken video clips thinking they were on still mode.

    Can anyone recommend a good sturdy new camera please that is able to cope with the vagaries of a primary school?

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    Re: Cameras

    Recently got some of these for a Primary school


    Great feature list for the price.

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    Re: Cameras

    I have had some cheap kodak cameras (about £50 a piece which took SD cards, again cheap) for primarys, if you have budget and want another Sony you could try a Sony CD-500, they record to the 8cm CDs and seem as robust as the Mavicas. Or you could get the Mavicas as you can find them online still if you look for them and they take FD and memory stick.

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    Re: Cameras

    We have just bought quite a few Sony S600 and they are quite good. Got a really good deal on them with charger, case, more memory etc. Plus side is that they just plug into the PC, no more drivers, card readers or floppy disks to load. Makes life alot simpler.

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