Just thought i'd let you guys and girls know about my recent experience ordering an internet connection for my new home, and recommend my choice supplier.

I investigated the LLU status of my local exchange, and discovered that Easynet(Sky) and Be had enabled it for their products. Not too keen on the service that sky were offering (and having heard some bad things) I decided to go with Be on their unlimited package, £24/month with (upto) 24meg down and 1.3up!

I phoned them last friday to order. The call was picked up immediately, (unfortunately in an indian call centre, but they do seem quite competent) I gave my phone number and was informed immediately that due to my distance from the exchange i would recieve a service of 6meg and be available in 1-3 weeks. We encountered a small problem with my postcode not being on their system, i was informed that she would process my postcode and address onto the system and call me back within 24 hours. Less than two hours later i got a phone call saying i could order on the phone now or online. I decided to do it online. Entered all my details and immediately got a text thanking me for my order and saying they'd keep me informed by text.

I get a text that night at 1.30 am (fortunately i was still up) saying they expect to activate my service this thursday 8th, fantastic! Saturday night, again at a stupidly rediculous hour i get a text saying my modem/router is being shipped and to expect it between monday/wednesday. Modem arrives tuesday with more cables than i really need.

Thursday comes and i get an email at 11 am, saying that i've been activated, wahoo! I rush home at lunch to test it, unfortunately i have no connection, and even more strangely no phone dial tone so i give them a ring. Again, get through to the indian call centre without waiting, they tell me that they think the engineer is still there and to try later tonight. Rush home, still not working ring them again, inform them that i can't connect, they ask typical support questions about connections and lights and run line test, they say there may be a fault on the line and that i have to call BT to arrange them to repair it.

At this point i'm starting to regret ordering it, so i ring bt to report a line fault, go through their automated line checking system which finds a fault, they get a helpdesk operative to ring me back about 10 minutes later. Helpdesk man tells me that an engineer will need to revisit the exchange but the nearest time that can happen is tuesday 13th. I'm definately p**sed off now so go to work today upset and grumpy because i couldn't play with my toys.

Anyway, midday today i get a ring from BT saying that they've been to the exchange and fixed the problem and are at my house waiting to test if it's working, i can't meet them so tell them i'll test it later. When i get home, i have a dial tone, so plug the router in wait patiently for the DSL light on the router to come on. Time has never passed to slowly..... but it did come on! Connected at 8meg down and 1.3 up, downloading solidly at 750K+ and up at 150K.

So, in summary. Be offer a resonably priced service, their support is excellent considering it's offshored, and the LLU enabling by BT is generally working quite well. Definately a recommended supplier!

If anyone is looking for a new supplier let me know, if i recommend you, you get free installation and 1 month free service.