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Recommended Suppliers Thread, CopyLogic - Managed printer services. Anyone know them? in Purchasing and Trading; Hello all, I'm looking to reduce our printing costs and recently had a meeting with a salesman from a company ...
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    CopyLogic - Managed printer services. Anyone know them?

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to reduce our printing costs and recently had a meeting with a salesman from a company called Copylogic.

    They appear to be in use at a number of schools (or so i've been told) and my boss knows the company and said they have been around for years.

    The product and service looked excellent (almost too good to be true?) so I was hoping to find some feedback on here for any negatives but I couldn't find anything at all!

    If you have any experiences with this company i'd be very interested if you would care to share them.

    Many thanks,

    Neil Knapp

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    I've looked long and hard at a number of "Solutions" for reducing printing costs, but after completing my own calculations I've found that the best way was to put my own printer management software in (Papercut - chosen after advice from other Edugeekers) this made the biggest cut, then spending a lot of time finding the best toner supplier, mine is based in the Isle of Man keeps beating other supplier by 5+%.

    The final part which I came to late after setting up Papercut, was work out the cost per page of the Printer before you choose which one to buy, I went for the one with the cheaper cartridge, but then found it only printer half the pages of the other printer, so ended up costing more to run.

    Hope this helps and get in contact if you want to hear more of my printer cost reduction woes......

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    We have a company called IOT print solutions doing ours... the jury is still out, although the tech support is quick if a printer fails. The printers automatically contact the company to re-order supplies, all the school has to do it fill it with paper.

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