I know a few of us use the papercut software for print quotas, I just thought I'd share with you all one of the best experiences with customer support I've had lately.

We purchased the papercut software back in July and have been using without any problem ever since.

Recently a major upgrade has been released, so I chose last night to do the upgrade. We had purchased a years support so we were entilteled to the latest software.

After taking backups, I ran the uprade without any issues.

On running the software, I was informed my licence was invalid and I had 40 days to try the software and obtain the licence. OK no problem, the website said all I needed to do was email them and get a new licence file.

So at 6.30pm I emailed their sales department, now the company is based in Austrailia so it was 5.30am Saturday there.

After reading the website some more, I found that I was able to request a licence exception to use the software on another domain, subject to certain conditions. So I emailed asking for an exception too.

The good support bit:

Checked my email this morning to find the licence file and exception granted!! Less than 6 hours later, on a Saturday morning, problem solved.

One very happy PaperCut User