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Recommended Suppliers Thread, Well done PC World!! in Purchasing and Trading; Ok all you quad core xeon people I downloaded lifecam 3.21 and ran it at 19:37 it extracted some files ...
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    Ok all you quad core xeon people

    I downloaded lifecam 3.21 and ran it at 19:37
    it extracted some files and I clicked on a next.

    Nothing for 2 mins

    1939 - was able to continue clicking

    1940 - it started downloading (what I ask myself) and installing

    1948 (8 mins later!!!!) it asks me to plug in my lifecam

    19:50 said it was ready (Laughs out loud)

    at 1958 I managed to capture a few frames using Helium Frog StopMo prog

    Between 1950 and 1958 - the hard drive/net light was in conitinous use and it popped up its own window.

    So I don't really see how the 2 mins is acheiveable unless the driver is pre-installed and you just plug in the webcam

    Of course this was on my Win3.11 setup



    PS _ Try it out on your XP machine and see how long it takes to get to plug in the webcam state

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    I'm going to back SimpleSi up here, I'm guessing it is dependant on the model of cammera also. I got a free Lifecam VX-5000 of Microsoft after one of their presentations and it took forever to install on my laptop, at least 15 minutes Core2 Duo 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 7200RPM HD. It needed a restart too and I am certain it was all the rubbish realtime face morphng junk that it added which slowed it down. The OS which I am sure people will blame was Vista Enterprise SP2 but it was abnormal slowdown and must have updated a large pile of stuff in the background. Weirdly it won't even show us as a capturable source in Windows Movie Maker so I am glad that it was free.

    I am glad to hear that a good cammera has been sorted out for this year, the Lifecam HD series has impressive specs and I look foward to the resulting footage.

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