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Recommended Suppliers Thread, Waterford Technologies - MailMeter Archiver and MailMeter File Archiver in Purchasing and Trading; ...
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    Waterford Technologies - MailMeter Archiver and MailMeter File Archiver

    Waterford Technologies – File Archiver and Mail Meter

    As per the ruckus thread I created earlier, this is also something that has been sat in my drafts for a while now and as I am not working in the public sector anymore and with regards to the site this relates to I thought it was best I got it sorted, because yet again this is something I recommend to everyone on here and something that works outstanding and a product that is probably a great use for people out there whom want to do more with monitoring email and most importantly reduce the size of their backups or storage that is required to look after student/staff home folders. The latter being probably the most popular!

    MailMeter File Archiver in small form is a piece of software that takes all of your data and reduces it dramatically in size to reduce the requirement of large storage servers and reduce the size of backups, also the powerful piece of software de-dupes any files that may exist in these storage locations.

    We first looked at this solution because we were vastly running out of storage space on our servers and we needed a solution as it was getting out of hand especially the shared area for the staff which was 200GB + and was taking a lot of space up on our servers and likewise the backups. Again staff and student user areas were becoming very large in size and we ended up having to free up space, do searches for content that was not related to work just to make sure that the server did not fall over.

    What MailMeter File Archiver does is look at your storage locations and then anything that was created/last modified before a date that you choose gets moved and storage within a database and then creates a 1kb stub file (shortcut) and then if this file should be needed again it brings the file out of the database back into the storage location. The speed in which the process runs is just as if the file was sitting on the storage server so no difference in speed etc. is noticed.

    I cannot remember the exact figures, but I am sure if required the Waterford could contact the school I was working at and get these for more accurate answers and likewise they may have these from other schools whom have used this piece of software, from memory I believe it shrunk our staff storage area down by ¾ of its original size so shrinking it by 75% (approximately), the student areas I will be honest did not shrink as much I would say around 25% or the original size but that’s because students normally stay 5 years and then there work is backed up onto a DVD etc. year groups such as year 7/8 whom have not been in school for very long did not tend to have any work which related to the date policy we setup. To be honest personally I think is fantastic! The sizes of backups were decreased and the storage on the server was reduced dramatically.

    Also, the software can be used to restore work and although it’s probably not a complete backup solution it does give you a bit of redundancy if the backup should fail or not work.

    I would recommend you speak to NetworkSi or Waterford Technologies and arrange a Demo or at least a Trial so you can see for yourself just how good this piece of software is. They send out an engineer who comes into your establishment sets everything up and then either comes in again and trains you on how to use the software and how the software itself works or by setting up a web ex they go through it over the phone.

    For more information and Technical Information go here: MailMeter File Archiver - Storage Savings on File Servers

    MailMeter Archive is a piece of software which monitors inbound and outbound email, unfortunatly I did not get to use this software much before I did leave but for the 2 months I had to play with it I did find it to be very good!

    I can’t comment much on statistics as I am not there at the moment to see how the IT Team are now using it and weather it has been valuable to the college for a problem of some kind in regards to email but likewise I am sure if you wanted to know further information on that the guys at NetworkSi or Waterford would be able to point you in the right direction and/or put you in touch with other schools who have used the software.

    What the software does esentially is monitor all emails, so if for example email bullying is taking place and you need to find an email but potetially the sender/recipient has removed the email and it is no longer in there Email Account the email is stored in a database so that you can retreave the email at a later date.
    Also, standards have been met so that if a problem should escalate to the Police or Senior Services there is special options so that they can have these as official evidence if the problem did get into those circumstances.

    It also gives you the ability to stop words from being used in emails, and if they should be used it alerts you to the fact and also is capable of stoping the email from being delivered to the recipipent.

    Likewise similar to MailMeter File Archiver, if an email should get lost of accidently deleted you are able to search the database for an email and restore the email to the orginial owner. Again this is not a recommended backup solution but it does act as some form of redundancy within the organisation.

    The search and reporting capablilties are extremley powerful, if you had a one word you could search for that and it would search the entire email database for any emails that contain such works, it will also do historic emails so if the system was put in on a date and the problem occurred prior to this you are able to back date it and go beyond the installation of the product.

    You are also able to see coversations, so any members whom were involved within an email it shows you the conversation from the start and shows any users whom were contacted in the trail.

    Unfortunatly I don’t have any screenshots at hand, and I probably would not be able to post any due to DPA but if you go to the link below more information is there and I am sure the company would be able to answer any questions anyone may have.

    MailMeter Email Archiving

    I had some extensive training on both of these products myself whilst the engineer was on site and to be honest it is very user friendly you could give it to members of the SLT whom could use the product instead of having to come to yourself. Obviously security permissions can be put in place.

    Also, Out of sequence I know! Once other good option I remember seeing was the fact you could view a portal so that the users them selves could restore historic email! So would not have to come back to the IT Team to do it for them.

    I hope this is of some use to people, It’s not a sales pitch as I have nothing to do with the companys in question but these are genuinly very good pieces of software that I think could be very very useful for people in schools and I thought I would make everyone aware of them and also my thoughts.

    If anyone has any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to have a chat.


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