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Recommended Suppliers Thread, 25th March. Aldi do computer stuff!! in Purchasing and Trading; I've had a few things from Aldi that have been fine, but its a bit of a trek to one ...
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    I've had a few things from Aldi that have been fine, but its a bit of a trek to one for us, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys are our nearest big supermarkets, so the weekly family shop goes to Morrisons usually with the rest coming from Booths as we have one in the town I work in so its only 10 minutes from where I live or across the river from work

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    I got the 35mm film scanner and it'spretty damned good. Just a shame there is no direct scanning into Windows, but the scanning to SD card is mighty fast and the image quality first rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    I don't think he want's to talk about (the possible lack of) school budget work.... (the budget planning being the white elephant).
    Budget and planning? Is that a bit like saying military and intelligence in the same sentence?

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