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    Supplier Guidelines

    There has been a recent increase in the number of suppliers joining EduGeek and whilst this is a positive thing there are a few areas that need commenting on. We do have a number of requests to form 'partnerships' and we are waiting for Sir Alan to come along and offer to buy the site as a going concern for a cool £4m (only kidding) but until then we would like to pass on this message that we are starting to send to suppliers who would like to do more within the forums.

    "Thank you for your contact. It is good to hear that EduGeek.net is being mentioned more and more (hopefully in a nice way, but we know we can't please everyone). We are very keen to work with suppliers and as part of this EduGeek.net staff have developed an advertising module for the site. Initially we are asking suppliers that are interested to use this as a method of advertising within EduGeek.net. The contact details for this are advertising @ edugeek.net.

    Other methods of raising the profile of your company include sponsoring relevant forums (be quick .. they are going fast) or by having a few of your key staff become members and take part in discussions, offering snippets of advice, help and ideas ... the good point on this is that you can include company details within a reasonably sized signature. If people like what you say they will contact you.

    We would say that there are a number of caveats with this method. We do ask those suppliers that take part to limit their answers to generic solutions rather than, "give us a call as we can sell you this kit or you can pay us to set it up." As with most other groups of people we prefer recommendations from other network managers and technicians. This usually takes the form of, "we did this by doing x, y &z and had help from company A to do it ... if you are interested here are their details." This important thing is giving advice how to complete a task (or a taster of it).

    We are keen to give plenty of opportunities to suppliers to raise their profile with EduGeek members and one method is sponsoring or assisting at regional EduGeek.net events. We are looking for partners to assist on the Technical Help Point at BETT 2010 and this may be an opportunity for not only EduGeek members but other schools to become aware of your company. We also run other events throughout the year which several suppliers / companies can get involved with.

    If you are interested in assisting at BETT or other events, or advertising in general please let feel free to let the Site Admins know.

    If you would like to have more of an informal chat please feel free to drop one of the Site Admins a PM."

    I hope this clarifies a few points and helps prevented discussions getting too heated on the forum, but we want to promote a positive atmosphere on the site.
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