For anyone who's been watching my pained learning curve with repackaging applications, etc... you'll probably know I already like 2 Simple for their primary years educational software.

What I wanted to add though is a vote for their really good support... Granted their MSI's could use a little tweaking as they aren't really 100% ready for GPO assignment (remote install) but they actually do have the necessary documentation available to help get you up and running if you need it.

Add to that I've been hitting problems with a few packages today and it's been easy to get hold of tech support and between the two people handling the desk i've been able to get answers and even new releases that solve my problem. The word is gobsmacked... I'm used to waiting days for someone to have a clue!

Finally they don't balk when you request updated versions of their software and when I tried to get on top of what we actually should have they just sent off the latest version of everything we had licenses for... in 1 day...

There are quibbles and areas that things could be improved but on the whole I'm one pleased tech and the teachers are looking forward to 100% working software so it's all good