I recently used a local company for some IT Equipment and basically would like to recommend them for any one looking for good customer service and products.

The Company is Computer Components - Spire Online

I had been in contact with Spire for a while as they had been qouting for a planned ICT Suite refurb, Spires qoutes were not only better than other companys but there was the added bonus of a 3 year hardware warranty. Alas some one some where decided to use RM and RM's hardware (not me) so Spire were unsuccessful that time round.

Well last week a single computer was needed, a quick phone call to Spire, a chat with Neil, a very open ended conversation, basically me saying "I have £xxx just see what you can do".

That was on Friday afternoon last week, Wednesday arrives and a well packaged PC is delivered.

Today I finally get around to unpacking the kit, set it all up and straight away I am impressed with the quality of the 17 inch TFT, no cheapo unbranded mouse or keyboard but a nice Logitech mouse and keyboard, a rather nice looking case, the real added bonus was a sweet DVDRW.

Today I get a phone call from Neil checking I am happy with everything.

So there you go, well worth contacting.

Just in case you missed it http://www.spire.co.uk/home.php