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Recommended Suppliers Thread, Voting Systems in Purchasing and Trading; Dear all, I though I would point you all to two voting systems from US Manufacturer GTCO Calcomp who have ...
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    Voting Systems

    Dear all,

    I though I would point you all to two voting systems from US Manufacturer GTCO Calcomp who have the brand Interwrite covering their AV Solutions. Among other things, they have two great Voting systems for education. Many universities around the UK have actually standardised on the PRS Systems (Just try doing a google search for PRS Voting System) and written many online reviews and manuals on how to use it.

    I can't deny that I do represent the GTCO disti in the UK . The success of this product with many of the UK Universities has inspired me to spread the news.

    Interwrite PRS IR System.

    The cheaper of the two but ideal for Primary and Secondary education. Typical Class room pack which inc. Software and 32 Handsets. You can get a lecture pack that comes with 50 handsets.

    Interwrite PRS RF System.

    This one is great and will set you back a little more. It can take 2000 handsets with ease. Each handset has an LCD screen and Alpha Numeric input (Spelling tests , Maths tests etc) . It also has a ‘home work’ function whereby you can set a list of questions, the student takes the handset home and inputs the answers into the handset. Once they get back to class they press 'Send' and the answers are immediately marked and grades fed back to the teacher.

    The PRS Software

    The software is easy to use and can accept all sorts of CSV or XML feeds. It is easy to add images , add questions and manage classes from one PC. The software grades the responses and issues marks within 1 click.

    I am very keen to get any feed back from people who use the PRS System already (Positive and Negative) so we can really drive change in the market place .

    I am also interested in ideas from everyone about where we can develope the product and what things they would really like to see in the next year from voting systems in general.


    Steve Kilroy (Any origonal jokes about my surname wins a prize. Things like : "Are you that chap the scribbles on toilet walls" or "You must get around a bit I have seen your 'Kilroy was here' thing everywhere" are already taken)

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    Re: Voting Systems

    Hi there Kilas.

    I think you posted in the news sections as well. All looks pretty good from what I have read so far. I have seen online as well that several universities use it as well.

    Just incase you did not see my last reply: How much is it?


    Steve K

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