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Recommended Suppliers Thread, DCI - Network Cabling and Computer Benching in Purchasing and Trading; We have had dci-ltd in every year for the past 3 years, the MD of the company designed the best ...
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    DCI - Network Cabling and Computer Benching

    We have had dci-ltd in every year for the past 3 years, the MD of the company designed the best possible benching layout to maximise the space meeting government regualtions.

    We now have had 5 ICT rooms built by them. They put in 2 full ICT rooms in 4 days (thats bencing,mains,data-projector,whiteboard and AIR CON.) all done by the same company.

    With them being a yorkshire company, they was always very cheerful, and worked long hours, ensuring the work was kept to a minimum. They are the cheapest cablers anywhere in the UK for full ICT suite installs.

    Give them a Try

    SAM BARR (MD)- 01535647256 or 07968871935

    Company Info - http://www.box.net/shared/zzcxwqs8wc - Word Doc.

    Sam is also a personal Friend of Mine, If you mention my name and that you got the info from here, He will do you my friend rating I'm sure. and if he does not then you let me know.
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    I would just like to echo this recommendation. Sam has done several of our IT rooms in the last few years and a number of other jobs installing whiteboards etc and has done excellent work - he has a group of very hardworking staff who come in, get on, get done, get out - no messing about. He did our last IT room in Art, (26 computers in a medium sized classroom) benching, data, mains and a stud partition wall in two and a half days and no fuss or timewasting.

    Shame we can't use him anymore as we are sliding slowly into the BSF chasm........

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    just called them! cheers

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