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Recommended Suppliers Thread, Apple Macs in Purchasing and Trading; Originally Posted by gaz350 I would say a bunch of boxes arriving from apple saying do not open was good ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaz350 View Post
    I would say a bunch of boxes arriving from apple saying do not open was good insider knowledge

    and its craig apparently who does that area :P
    i think you'll find that'll be the Apple Xraid service parts kit, 'cos believe it or not they have 'Do Not Open' printed on them aswell.

    where's mattx with a one-liner about apple products that have do not open written on the package ? He's missing a good opportunity here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkster View Post
    we will be using them for a new media suite, wich will be used to edit video's, images, create movies, so any advice would be appreciated
    I got a quote from Oliis for £550 each which includes a Mac Mini, screen, keyboard, mouse and VAT, which strikes me as quite okay. Most of the fuss about having "high-spec" machines for video editing is superfluousness these days - pretty much any modern standard desktop/laptop machine is capable of handling video and sound just fine (maybe not your Eees, etc - hmm, anyone tried?). Only problem is disk space - I'm considering getting external harddrives for our pupils to store their video work on.

    David Hicks

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    Torledo i appreciate that alot of Apple gossip seems to fly about on the internet but a number of years ago Glyn told us to hold fire on an order as all the power macs specs were changing and prices etc. I could not find any "gossip" floating around anywhere on the net about that, think i even posted the "gossip" on EduGeek and i was shot down in a ball of flames. Month later low and behold power macs specs change and we owed KRCS as pint or two. Specially as we didnt end up ordering from them.......

    So i do completly agree with you, perhaps my "insider knowledge" comment was taken a little out of context.

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    Glyn at KRCS for us. Helped us kit out a small Mac suite for Creative & Media Diploma.

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