Just thought I would post a bouquet to a company, Utilize plc, that have repaired our laser printers very promptly and without hassle.

We first used them in 2004 - we had a problem with the jetdirect card in an HP laser printer. Viglen didn't want to know, as the printer was out of warranty. I trawled the Internet looking for possible repair companies. This company do a fixed rate labour charge. I got next day response, even though we didn't have a support contract. The jetdirect card needed replacing. The second visit to install the card was free, and the very polite engineer (apologised to class teacher for disturbing the class) also rang someone back at his base who talked him through re-configuring the card.

Forward to this week when another HP laser printer stopped fusing toner to the paper, and developed noisy feed. One call to the same company, they had kept our records from three years ago, I explained problem, engineer came out next day and replaced part after first going back to the office to check that the price for the part was acceptable, and threw in a service as well.

I know all this is quite basic customer service, but my experience of companies and engineers in general has not been good on the whole. To have someone come in, do the job, be polite and helpful, without any hassle is a real breath of fresh air. Two visits in three years isn't a lot to go on maybe, but the fact that I remembered how good they were first time around must count for something.

If I'm allowed to add it, their website is: