Well - today we be mostly trying to control the world using a RaspberryPi

Well - not quite - I just wanted to be able to make an external LED go on and off via the GPIO and I've got there.

Lots of problems again - to summarise them :-

The GPIO pinouts that Google brings up are all over the place - trust none except what I say


Using the GPIO is restricted to root users so running Python from the menu will fail - you need to run it using sudo python.

The best article that gives you 99% of the info needed is Simple Guide to the RPi GPIO Header and Pins | Raspberry Pi Spy

All you need to know about the pinouts is that when python says GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.IN) that means the 11th pin on the connector marked P1 - TOTALLY IGNORE any of the confusion that lablels this as GPIO17 - ITS NOT AS FAR AS YOU ARE CONCERNED when programming in Python.

And of course don't forget to sudo Python

PS Of course there may be some more stuff later but I thought I'd better get this down before then beer kicks in!