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Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Other SBCs Thread, Gimme some ideas regarding the Raspberry Pi :) in Technical; Hey Guys We are looking at integrating and using Raspberry Pi's in the curriculum, what do you all reckon? We ...
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    Gimme some ideas regarding the Raspberry Pi :)

    Hey Guys

    We are looking at integrating and using Raspberry Pi's in the curriculum, what do you all reckon? We are a primary school and would like to find some projects the kids will understand but that is also fun to engage them. I have had a look on Google but I don't think projects like making a burglar alarm is going to be possible!

    Anyone have any ideas on what can be done with them, I don't want to just shove scratch on them I want to try and do something special!


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    Well .....where to start
    1. I believe Scratch is practically perfect for KS2. If there is a G&T computing teacher in the school then possible to do Minecraft/Kodo etc but for 95% of Primaries - Scratch Rules

    2. Given Rule 1 then Scratch on the Raspberry Pi opens up the world of burglar alarms, traffic lights, Robots, desktop D&T in general

    Of course, I would say this since I wrote ScratchGPIO
    ScratchGPIO5 | CympleCy (SimpleSi)

    If you haven't tried it yet - give it a whirl and then come back for more info

    Although the add-on board I want hasn't been built yet (basically same options as a Data Harvest Flow Go Box) the Pimoroni PiBrella is a very useful little ad-on and one of the few that come ready built.
    Pibrella | CympleCy (SimpleSi)

    Another Favorite is the 4Tronix PiDie (as I had a lot of influence in the LED colours) as it can be used for a wide variety of LED projects (Die,Full Traffic Lights inc Pedestrian crossing,Simon Game, noughts and crosses)
    PiDie | CympleCy (SimpleSi)

    I'll stop now


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    Minecraft is nice, there is a lot of fun but learning to be done!

    We have taken a g&t group and made a weather station and linked it to twitter.

    Why not have 5-6 setup in a corner for research as a cheap free resource for browsing.

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