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Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Other SBCs Thread, SD card problems. in Technical; Hi All, Not sure where to post as I am a complete beginner and have stumbled at the first hurdle... ...
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    SD card problems.

    Hi All,

    Not sure where to post as I am a complete beginner and have stumbled at the first hurdle...

    My school has bought some of these and I am trying to put the latest Raspian NOOBS OS on the SD card.

    The card came pre-installed, pre-formatted and pre-partitioned. Using Windows I am unable to even format the card and it only shows up as the OS partition.

    I only had a brief training session and this wasn't covered as the trainer used a blank SD card.





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    First of all you'll need a more specialist utility to format the card such as this one from the Transcend website: Transcend AutoFormat Tool - I've used this one with cards from different manufacturers so don't think the card needs to be a transcend because as far as I've been able to tell, it doesn't need to be.

    Once formatted (you may have to create a new FAT32 partition in disk manager afterwards - its been a while since I did this last) you will need to download another piece of software: Win32 Disk Imager which you'll use to write the image onto the card.

    All going well, once the image has been written, you should be able to insert the card into the Pi and hopefully see linux booting up.

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