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Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Other SBCs Thread, Cambridge GCSE Computing Online - looking for contributors in Technical; Just been sent a mail from this partnership between CUP, OCR and Raspberry Pi foundation. (disclosed interest, I do actually ...
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    Cambridge GCSE Computing Online - looking for contributors

    Just been sent a mail from this partnership between CUP, OCR and Raspberry Pi foundation.
    (disclosed interest, I do actually now work for CUP)

    They're seeking contributors to help create short video content for a free online GCSE computing course, if you or anyone you know (teacher, student, industry contacts) feels like getting involved then please read on... To the best of my knowledge this is a non-profit endeavour, and as such will not pay, though healthy credits (and kudos) will be applied. PM me for the removed email address to respond if you'd like to help.

    Here's a synopsis:

    Who we are:

    Cambridge GCSE Computing Online represents an ambitious new approach to the teaching and learning of computing. Driven by a Cambridge based partnership of the exam board OCR, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Cambridge University Press, we aim to transform the way computing is taught so as to inspire the next generation of computing practitioners and pioneers.

    What we are doing:

    We are creating the first online GCSE Computing course, which will be free and open to all - schools and their pupils and teachers, or parents and adults, or computer clubs, or community groups; open to all and not just in the UK but abroad as well. The course will be made up of nearly 120 core videos, developed and delivered by teachers and others from industry and education. With the use of the Raspberry Pi and the support of Cambridge University Press resources, this will create an exciting stand-alone course.We are currently working with Google to have the platform and a third of the content (the first term's worth) ready by the end of August, in time for the new academic year.

    What we need from you:

    The course alone is not enough to inspire the next generation and what we need are the inspirational words from those who lead the industry. We'd be grateful for a short video of up to 5 mins in length aimed at young people (14-16 year olds). The aim of the videos is to excite young people about the opportunities computing can open up for them and to get a sense of what's happening in the industry, the highs of being involved, etc. It would be great to get a personal perspective (e.g. what you do, what you love about your job, what you studied, what your typical day is), but if possible it would also be helpful to link examples of how businesses in the real world are using the 'core learning episodes' so that students can get an appreciation of how the theory they're studying has a real world application You'll find a list of these attached (you will see there are 117!).


    If there are any that resonate, please do reference them, but equally please don't feel bound by them if they don't fit with what you'd like to say. Your video should provide exciting real world examples of how computer science is all around us and is a vital tool everywhere we look. We aim to position your video alongside the ‘core learning episode’ it relates to.

    To make it compatible please use the common format types for example mp4, avi, .mov, .mpg. and send this through to me (email address removed). If it's tricky for you to record a video, there are other options; we could come and film you, or you could submit something as an audio file, or just as a written response that we can edit into a Q&A. Time-wise, we'd love to launch with as many industry case studies as we can, so would ideally need your contribution by mid August. However, If that's not possible, we'll be adding to the content on an ongoing basis so happy to have it follow when you can manage it!
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    @SimpleSi would be perfect as he is a Pi nut

  3. Thanks to john from:

    lickydog (29th July 2013)

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