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Promethean Direct Support Thread, WhiteBoard Projected Colours in Direct Support; Hi there, We have a new Promethean Board that was installed last summer and the teacher is complaining about the ...
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    WhiteBoard Projected Colours

    Hi there,

    We have a new Promethean Board that was installed last summer and the teacher is complaining about the displayed colours (obviously a projector issue rather than the board). I went to her room to check and she is quite right, the worst being that the colour red is just displayed as black on the board, green is brown.

    I have done factory reset on the projector and messed about with most of the obvious setting without any luck.

    Do you have any advice, the projected image also appears duller than the other boards fitted at the same time. I have messed with the brightness settings too.

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    check the cabling...

    also, see if the projector has a facility to change the colour of the background it expects to project onto, it might be set to project onto a coloured surface that causes the colour to be off for a white surface

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    Another one for a cable check. A loose plug at either end can cause all sorts of weird colours to be projected.

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    Sounds like the red signal isn't getting to where it needs to be. Either faulty cable, faulty video out on the laptop or faulty projector. Try the laptop and cable on a different projector and try a different laptop and cable on the projector displaying the symptoms.

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    Check the cabling by bypassing the faceplate and connect a VGA cable directly between the PJ and Laptop. Chances are one of the wires on the VGA faceplate have come loose.

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