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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Promeathean ActivBoard - jagged lines when using pen in Direct Support; When we try and use the pen on the IWB to draw/write anything, the board produces jagged lines. During a ...
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    Promeathean ActivBoard - jagged lines when using pen

    When we try and use the pen on the IWB to draw/write anything, the board produces jagged lines. During a straight line will result in lines all around the pen and with others shooting off across the IWB. This is happenning across the whole board. Anyone with any ideas? Its an ActivBoard 2.


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    First thoughts: Have you checked the board for damage? [even minor damage on the surface]

    We had a board with what looked like a ball point pen stab mark [very small] It caused enough damage to the mesh at the back of the board to make it unusable and uneconomic to repair.

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    Check where the powersupply is, if it's getting hot it can cause this. Also if theres another powersocket being used near the board this can also have the same effect. We had this on a couple of boards last summer.

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    We've had this on some of our boards, Promethean refer to it as 'spiking' normally updating the firmware on the board and ensuring that you are using the latest version of ActiveInspire sorts the problem. We have had one board though which had this happen and we couldn't fix it and had to have it replaced under warranty.

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    Yes it’s Spiking

    Switch board on / off – yes this sometimes works, but it will probably come back again!

    USB Boosters / Extension cables can cause this try it without them
    (I had to do this quite frequently with one board: switch board off, unplug extension [both ends], plug extension back into PC and switch the board on then plug the board back into extension)

    Replace the power supply (borrow one from another board if you don’t have a spare)

    Update the driver

    Update the firmware (if it goes wrong you could scrap the control circuit)

    Replace the control circuit

    Replace the whole board

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    Some times it can be the firmware, but usually its the electronics pack (top left of the borad the bit that lights up) and they cost around £350 fitted.

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