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Promethean Direct Support Thread, New Activ Board Problem in Direct Support; We have a new board here and when you go to put the pen towards the board it thinks you ...
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    New Activ Board Problem

    We have a new board here and when you go to put the pen towards the board it thinks you have touched the board (when your about an inch away - i've tried a couple of different computers so its not the software.

    Any ideas? is it just a faulty board as its brand new and always been the same?

    I've contacted the installer but hes on holiday at the moment hence why i'm coming direct.


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    We have a similar problem, where if you have the pen a little away from the board it thinks you have the pen pressed down on the board, we even get a few right clicks thrown in as well.

    After speaking to promethean 3 times, and updating the firmware, trying the latest software, different pen and a different laptop. They have asked me to swap the electronics from another board to test that. Otherwise it'll be the board.

    I would say give the electronics from a different board a try if you can, if you still have a problem speak to promethean support, if it's brand new it should still be under warranty, in fact, i'd speak to promethean first before swapping the electronics, they might just send you some new ones to test.

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    Just a couple of things really.

    Make sure you have completely powered down the board at the mains for about a minute, and see if the problem persists.

    If it does, take the "pen nib" out of the pen, and put it back in - reseating the nib sometimes resolves it.

    If still having the issue, try another pen.

    Finally, am afraid you may need to contact the support guys, as you may need to revert to warranty.

    Hopefully not, but good luck!

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